Swap and Shop for Tuesday

Nov 10, 2020 at 08:10 am by Producer

FOR SALE: Four 17-inch tires $125; Folding chairs ($15 large, $10 small) 615-594-5729

WANTS: dresser or chest of drawers 615-406-7871

WANTS: seasoned, cut hard firewood (delivered in Murfreesboro) 615-848-0463 (leave price)

FOR SALE: Murray push mower with B&S engine, 22-inch cut, $75 615-631-3009

WANTS: late model microwave 615-848-3270

FOR SALE or TRADE: SKS rifle with 32-round clip; 12 gauge pump shotgun 615-785-5288

FOR SALE: antique hutch in excellent shape 615-578-0822

WANTS: 5-6 foot wooden church pews 615-542-5579

FOR SALE: barely used Sunny fitness bike $130 615-406-7148

FOR SALE: Baby doll collection 615-900-9468

FOR SALE: natural gas and propane gas furnace; solar panel (4 x 8-feet) 3 panels 615-995-8907