Swap and Shop for Thursday

Jan 14, 2021 at 08:14 am by Producer

WANTS: VCR recorder (VHS or Beta) with with remote 615-494-0804 or 615-866-7915

WANTS: yo buy old Tennessee Blue Books from the 1980s and earlier. 615-893-4410

FOR SALE: 2 pet carriers (for small to medium size animals) 615-663-4097

SERVICE: Will pickup unwanted dishwasher and dryers for FREE 615-663-4980

FOR SALE: 5 x 10-foot trailer $600 615-569-7751

WANTS: 5-6 foot wooden church pews 615-542-5579

FOR SALE: 3 Kohler commodes $100 each (or trade) 615-546-1297

FOR SALE: New twin-size mattress (still in plastic) $50 615-556-3466

WANTS: old single shot .22 caliber rifle 615-439-5000

FOR SALE: old cast iron skillets and other cast iron items 613-896-0778