Power Outages in Middle Tennessee due to Ice

Feb 16, 2021 at 07:38 am by WGNS

There are multiple power outages throughout Middle Tennessee, due to ice.

As of 7:15 Tuesday (02/16/21) morning, there were 98 power outages in Rutherford County, but that number dropped to about 35 outages by 7:20 Tuesday morning.

Nearby Cannon County had 480 outages while Bedford County is working to restore power to 2,982 homes and businesses. Coffee County has the highest amount of power outages totaling 3,673.

The majority of customers in Coffee and Bedford Counties utilize services provided by Duck River Electric. Rutherford and Bedford Counties use services from Middle Tennessee Electric.  

Across the entire state of Tennessee, there were 13,943 power outages, as of 7:15 Tuesday morning.

Ice weighting down trees and causing limbs to fall across power lines has been one of the big issues. Another problem deals with the ice building up on powerlines that go from homes to the street and eventually to nearby substations.

In 1994, the South saw a major ice storm which caused extensive damage. The snow and ice led to over 2-million outages in ‘94.

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