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Apr 19, 2021 at 05:15 pm by WGNS

by Scott Walker
2016, while in Atlanta, GA

He is a sidewalk poet who was born in Douglassville, Georgia and raised in the Kingsport, Tennessee area after being adopted. “What brought you to Atlanta,” I asked. “I came here to meet my family, I was adopted and raised in Tennessee,” he said. He looked to the side and commented, “It didn’t turn out well.

While John may have been homeless at the time, he knows how to write poetry and he can capture your attention to where you hold onto every word while waiting for the next to fall out of his mouth.

He recited every word he wrote by memory…

The Truth Must Be Spoken

I have this thought

in my head

that must be expressed

 before we the people

end up dead,

the situation is this

we the human race

must give up our fight

lay down our weapons

and begin to unite

because the degradation,

of our segregation ,

impregnated by each

and every nation,

is brought on by our

affiliation with lies

and intimidation,

along with the fornication of our hatred

to which our demise

will be brought down on us

by the firing of weapons of mass destruction

and we say that

this is no longer a surprise

what we really need to do

is open our eyes and realize

that mankind is no longer

working together

to make our lives better

and what is this Idea of destruction

based on the influx of

demolition and reconstruction

of the things that we already have,?

by leaving scars on our planet

sweet Jesus we are all

going to be sad,

because the damage we have done should

be making us all mad

I know that I am;

and instead of helping each other,

we say why bother,

YOU are not my sister, my brother, my mother

or father.

and the wars that we fight,

what is the reason that the season of

religion is our basis

\for the hating of other races

and do you know what the

real disgrace is,

it's that we as humans

choose not too face this

so open your eyes

to the disguise

that is before us

don't we as human beings realize

and surmise,

that it is to late too ignore this

and as far as protecting ourselves

from the Crisi with Isis,

 why don’t we lay down our weapons,

then open our hearts, for a start,

and as a token,

my weapon is ART,

so the truth MUST BE spoken,

and throu verse I am doing my part

to save the future

of humanity from annihilation

and our own insanity


God Bless us all Each and Every Nation!!"

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