Swap And Shop For Monday

Aug 30, 2021 at 09:20 am by Producer

FOR SALE: Various  woodworking tools. Drill press, biscuit joiner and much more. (615-556-3466)


FOR SALE: Chevy Blazer, 4 door automatic runs great. (615-890-1540)


FREE: 2 Church Pianos to dionate. (615-295-0007)


FOR SALE: Case tractor (615-427-8672) Also will hire someone to work. 


FOR SALE: 16 foot garage door panels with glass panels on top. Asking $175 (615-890-1540)


FOR SALE: 2009 Buick LaCross….Wants a collie dog. (615-919-2621)


FREE: Firewood (615-569-7751)


FOR SALE: Horse drawn buggy and new harness (615-691-0463)


JOBS: Needs someone to mow and weed whack every other week. Will pay CASH (615-545-3911)


FOR SALE: Chickens (615-684-3833)


FOR SALE: 4 foot wooden display case. (615-542-8522)


FOR SALE: Fresh okra, also needs a 5 foot bush hog. (615-896-2773)


FOR SALE: 18 foot pontoon boat, mini pony (615-785-9307)


LOOKING FOR: House in the country, has bikes for sale and a van for trade. Looking for a collie dog (615-919-2621)


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