Murfreesboro Police to Continue Leading Funeral Processions, but More MPD Officers Needed

Sep 20, 2021 at 09:37 am by WGNS

Over the past 20-years, the City of Murfreesboro has heard from citizens, experts and more on what to do about the police department escorting funerals processions through the city. Of course, as the city grows, so do the number of funerals.

Mayor Shane McFarland told WGNS that the service will continue…


If a call for emergency arises before or during the funeral procession…

The Mayor said the city police department is in need of at least 39-more officers and recruitment is underway, which will help with escorting funeral processions and more.

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For more information concerning employment at the Murfreesboro Police Department, contact Sarah Gudger with Police Human Resources at (629) 201-5586, or email, Lieutenant Garry Carter at (629) 201-5569, email or Sgt. Amy Denton at (629) 201-5580 or email

FAQ’s – Murfreesboro Police Department

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• Is the City of Murfreesboro an equal opportunity and drug-free workplace employer? 

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