Flight Operation, Air Traffic, Flight Training at Murfreesboro Airport Growing Busier and Busier

Dec 14, 2021 at 12:30 pm by WGNS

More news on the Murfreesboro Airport… it is becoming more and more popular as our area continues to grow.

That was Murfreesboro City Manager Craig Tindall.

The MTSU airplane pilot program, which is based at the Murfreesboro Airport, has grown by about 125%, according to Tindall…

The Murfreesboro Airport  had more flight operation traffic than the airport in Nashville, when in add in the number of training flights, take-off’s, landing’s and touch and go training procedures…

As heard in past news stories, MTSU is now looking at alternative locations for their flight program, but until that location is found…

Some of the areas that MTSU flies into include airports in Warren, Coffee and Bedford Counties.

Again, MTSU is looking for a new location to call home for their flight operations program.



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