Swap 'N Shop (THURSDAY, January 27, 2022)

Jan 27, 2022 at 08:08 am by Producer

FOR SALE: Craftsman benchtop drill press with lazer eye. Like brand new.. 615-556-3466

FOR SALE: 2-Kerosene Heaters 615-506-1150

FOR SALE: Have 10 buff orpington chickens for sale orange in color call or text 615- 785 -5288

FOR SALE: " Upwalker". This Walker is seen on TV. This brand sells for $809. Will discount to sell. 615-556-3466

SERVICE: Will stay with elderly 5-days a week 615-895-1864

TRADE: 3 super heavy duty blood donation chairs for hauling off items 615-476-7632

FOR SALE: new lava lamp (kit) $10; new Slime kit $10; new career Barbies $10 each 615-410-1372

FOR SALE: Bearcat SDS-100 scanner radio 615-984-8779

WANTS: cheap place to live 629-218-1544

FREE: Hickory Firewood. You cut all you want and haul. Call 615-545-3911

FOR SALE: Security camera system for outside of home. System is 4 years old, has everything you need to set up your security system, and is in great condition. We paid $1,500 and SELLING for $500. Cash only. Local pickup in Murfreesboro or Smyrna only. Call or text 615-869-8469


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