Action Line: General call-in on topics from listeners with Bart

Jul 29, 2022 at 09:04 am by Producer

Bart talks with listeners about random topics of interest. 

  • EARLY VOTING--just 3 days left (today, Friday and Saturday: June 28, 29 and 30, 2022)
  • Rutherford County is testing "Yellow Flashing Caution" traffic signals in downtown area.
  • You're heard rumors of underground tunnels downtown that were possibly used duing the Civil War. A sinkhole in the parking lot of a downtown church "opened up" last week. Now church leaders are checking out the brick corridors seen under the earth, before the sinkhole is filled next week.
  • Well known Smyrna businessman tells how his life was changed in a fraction of a second. After the auto crash, physicians said he would not life. Now Marty is sitting-up and determined to walk, plus--it almost 2-years after the wreck.
  • Erica Honeycutt tells about her rare auto-immune disease NSIP (Non-specific Interstitial Pneumonia). Details are in her book that's available on Amazon "Breathless, My NSIP Story". She also has a Spotify podcast called "Silent Battle".