14th biennial Holocaust Studies Conference at MTSU - Hear the true 1942 story of survival from a Child's Perspective

Sep 20, 2022 at 04:34 pm by WGNS News

Top Right: "Finding Schifrah: The Journey of a Dutch Child Holocaust Survivor"


(MURFREESBORO, TN) The 14th biennial Holocaust Studies Conference will take place at MTSU this Thursday and Friday in Murfreesboro... That was Dr. Elyce Helford, director of the Jewish and Holocaust Studies Minor at MTSU. On Friday, Mrs. Dubois will tell her story of survival and how her parents were able to hide her, as opposed to going with them to the concentration camps to be killed...


In 2020, Dubois published "Finding Schifrah: The Journey of a Dutch Child Holocaust Survivor," a book about her survival. In the book by Dubois, who as a child was known as Clara van Thijn, wrote about the separation from her parents on July 29, 1942 when they reported for the first Jewish transport headed for Auschwitz, where they were murdered shortly after their arrival.


This year, the theme of the conference is “Teaching the Holocaust Today.” The event is set for this Thursday, Sept. 22, and Friday, Sept. 23. For local high school teachers, students and MTSU students, there is no cost to attend the conference, but it is important to register your name to attend by Clicking Here. It is also free to hear Mrs. Dubois tell her story on Friday, but you will need to sign-up HERE.

For more details about the Holocaust and to hear from those who survived it, visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (ushmm.org) online. To hear the entire 25-minute interview with Dr. Elyce Helford from MTSU, click the podcast above this news story.

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