Arosa Care's "Senior Moments" focuses on DEMENTIA

Oct 27, 2022 at 09:07 am by Producer

(L-R) AROSA Care's Erin Keogh-Rankin, Dr. David Hutchings

Focus on DEMENTIA as AROSA Care's Erin Keogh-Rankin and BlueSly House Calls' Dr. David Hutchings answer questions from the public about DEMENTIA. There are more than 80 forms of dementia and many are treatable. It is very important for persons who are concerned that they might have this disease to take a battery of tests. 

They diccuss signs of dementia, ways to reduce your risk for this disease, as well as how concusions could lead to dementia. 

The connection with "music" is also addressed. 

Although dementia is not strictly a disease of "old age", Dr. Hutchings notes that the risk increases with age. 

For information about the dementia tests, phone Dr. Hutchings at BlueSky House Calls:  615-340-6840

To learn how Arosa Care can help you, phone 615-848-2810 (148 Uptown Square, Murfreesboro)