Murfreesboro is not exactly a Cookie Lover's Paradise, According to One Study

Dec 14, 2022 at 10:05 pm by WGNS News

As we near Christmas and prepare for visiting friends and family, you should know where the Rutherford County area ranks on the cookie scale. Out of 200 medium to large sized cities across the nation, Murfreesboro ranks as the 150th best city for cookie lovers. Keep in mind that 1 is the best rating on the scale and 200 is the worst, so the ‘Boro does not appear to be as cookie loving as some cities.

Murfreesboro received a score of 117 for the quality of cookies that can be found locally. As for access to cookies, Murfreesboro did not fare-well. In other words, good cookies should be more accessible to residents!


Music City ranked higher on the cookie loving list, earning a score of 93. Cookie lovers give Nashville a 78 in cookie quality, which is 39-points higher than Murfreesboro cookies.

We’re sorry to report that the number 1 city for cookie lovers is more than a 36-hour drive from Rutherford County. That number 1 city is Seattle, Washington. If you decide to make the 2,448 mile trek to Seattle, you might as well stop by the worst city for cookie lovers along the way. Ranking at the bottom of the list at number 200 is Amarillo, Texas.

Lawn Love, a company that evidently likes to focus on the sweet things in life, put together the 2023 “Best Cities for Cookie Lovers” list. To make the decisions on what cities ranked tops and what cities were at the bottom, Lawn Love researched everything from late-night cookie vendors to Girl Scout Cookie booths. They also considered TimeOut’s list of “The best cookies in the US,” as well as local interest indicated by Google searches. See more HERE.  

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