Patrick McCullough

Jan 31, 2023 at 05:00 pm by Producer

Patrick Justin McCullough, 41, of Woodbury, Tennessee
passed away on Thursday, January 26, 2023. He was born
in Woodbury, Tennessee on Monday, September 7, 1981.
Preceding him in death were his mother, Deborah "Debbie"
Lynn Sullins Parker, and grandparents, Lacie Clark and
Berma Jean Sullins.
He is survived by his wife, Lu Anne McCullough of
Woodbury; father, Keith McCullough of Lebanon; brother,
Thomas; McCullough of Woodbury; sister,
Josephine; McCullough of Murfreesboro;
cousins, Nicholas Barton of Murfreesboro, Dan Sullins of
McMinnville, and Amy McMackins of McMinnville; aunt,
Phyllis Barton of Readyville; niece, Sierra (Alex)
Anderson; nephew, Zachary; McCullough; great
nieces and nephews; Jace Anderon, Ryleigh Anderson,
Levi Anderson, and Sadie Anderson; numerous uncles,
aunts, and cousins; and countless friends.
Patrick grew up living with his mom, and he developed a
close relationship with his Granny Berma and Pa Lacie
early on in life. Its believed that Patricks knack for
working on things got started by Grandpa Lacie, and it
definitely blossomed in the years to come. Patrick was
mechanically inclined and wasnt happy unless he was
working on something. Cars, lawn mowers, and chain saws
became some of his primary projects, and if he ever got
stumped, he trained himself using YouTube videos to get it
figured out.

That self-motivation to work caused Patrick to be game for
trying anything, so he worked a myriad of jobs throughout
his life. In his younger years, Patrick worked for farmers
hauling hay and even rock farming. Later on, he went to
work at a garage and changed oil. However, he didnt have
to be working with his hands to be skilled. He worked at a
convenience store and even at a call center out in Las
Vegas, Nevada selling time shares. Patrick was a smooth
talker and excellent salesman, but what he sold the best was
Everywhere he went, people wanted to make Patrick
manager. He was a hard worker, a motivator, and, above
all, generous. If he had it and you needed it, he would give
it to you regardless of whether he needed it or not. His
selfless behavior and his sense of humor made him one of
the most likeable people in the room. However, in many
situations, the strongest person in the room is the one
struggling the most.
When Patrick met Lu Anne, he had committed himself to
turning his life around, and Lu Anne was sure to support
his endeavors. The girls at Lu Annes work tried to keep
him pretty by giving him skin treatments to help heal his
skin, and Lu Anne tried to keep his mind and hands busy.
They were married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on October
20, 2015 and ended up making more memories in their 7
years together than most make in a lifetime. Together, they
lived in Tennessee, Georgia, and Nevada, just moving back
to Tennessee in November 2022 to restart their lives here.

Since Patrick was enamored with the West, their travels too
them to the NASA station in Houston, Texas; Grand
Canyon National Park in Arizona; Zion National Park in
Utah; Ely in Nevada; and all through Cowboy County in
Nevada. Some of their best memories were made 6,000 to
8,000 ft in the air, hiking and driving up mountains. But it
wasnt only the mountains calling Patricks name. Fishing
was one of his top hobbies. One time fishing in the
Tennessee River, he threw a cast to see if the fishing would
be any count that day. After catching a fish on the first cast,
he got so excited that he locked the keys in the car. Though
most wives would be rather aggravated with their spouse
for this, Lu Anne saw it as an opportunity for him to get
more fishing done while they waited on the spare.
Anytime they were headed out to Tullahoma, they were
sure to bring the poles and stop at Normandy Lake. Even
with all of their moving, they were sure to not let it slow
down their fishing too much. In Nevada, they fished at
Lake Mead. In Georgia, Allatoona Lake and Lake Lanier
became their go-to spots with occasional trips over to
Guntersville Lake in Alabama. Patrick caught good-sized
fish over at Guntersville, but everywhere they went he
managed to keep up his reputation or having several lucky
Georgia just happened to be the place that hooked him. It
was there that he started attending church at Buckhead
Church in Atlanta because, in Georgia, it wasnt it you go to
church, it was where do you go to church. That was enough
to convince Patrick that he should try it out and incorporate

it on his path to recovery. Yet, Patrick and Lu Anne werent
always on the go.
They enjoyed times of respite at home together, where
Patrick was sure to keep things entertaining. Lu Anne
remembers him finding a dead bird in their wood stove, and
right when he was pulling it out, Free Bird came on the
radio. Finding amusement in the irony, Patrick gave Lu
Anne a full performance until Lu Anne decided it was high
time the bird went outside. His lighthearted personality also
provided comic relief when they were moving back to
Tennessee for the last time.
They were having to move two apartments worth of items
back into one home, so obviously, some of it ended up
getting donated. Patrick made it a running joke whenever
they couldnt find something that, "You must have left it at
Goodwill" Those moments of silliness may not seem like
much, but they embodied the life Patrick was actively
fighting to have. His story ended much too soon, but his
fight for really living set an example for others to follow.
Visitation will be held at Gentry-Smith Funeral Home on
Thursday, February 2, 2023 from 10 am-2 pm. Funeral
services will follow on Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 2 pm
in the Gentry-Smith Funeral Home chapel. Tim Gentry will
officiate. Interment will be in Cherry Cemetery.

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