Research: 7,600+ Seniors in Rutherford County have Trouble Walking

Apr 24, 2023 at 07:02 pm by WGNS News

Rutherford County, TN - Recently released research shows that 24.8% of seniors in the Rutherford County area live alone. While individual cities like Murfreesboro, Smyrna, LaVergne and Eagleville are not broken down by town, the information uncovered in the research by SafeStep does factor in each area as a whole under the Nashville - Davidson - Murfreesboro - Franklin, Tennessee Metro Statistical  Area, which is ranked at number 34 on the chart.



The total number of seniors living alone is just over 70,100 residents in our immediate area. While the information may sound trivial at face value, it is important for families, health care providers and anyone who works with the elderly to know and understand the significant dangers that come with seniors living on their own.

One important aspect of the research showed nationwide, the number of fatal falls per million seniors increased by 98% between 2001 and 2020. This confirms that falls resulting in death are more prevalent now than ever.

Statistics released by SafeStep also indicate 19% of seniors have difficulty walking. Broken down, that adds up to roughly 7,600 residents in Rutherford County. Another 2,680 seniors in Rutherford County struggle with their own self-care. The data confirms the importance of checking on senior family members or neighbors who live alone. A simple phone call or knock on the door from time-to-time can literally save a life.

Local organizations like the Rutherford County Sheriff''s SCAN program focus on seniors who live alone. especially those who don't have family in the area to check on them.

SCAN stands for the Senior Citizens Awareness Network, which is a local non-profit organization. Last year, volunteers with the program delivered Christmas gifts to 80 SCAN members. SCAN is comprised of Sheriff's Office volunteers serving the needs of citizens over age 55 for health and safety needs. Some of the services include checking for safety such as smoke detectors, visiting at home, connecting the seniors to community services and delivering food.To learn more about SCAN or to volunteer, call (615) 904-3139.

The St. Clair Senior Center is another non-profit that helps seniors live an active and independent lifestyle for as long as possible. There, seniors can come together to make new friends and participate in activities that reflect shared experiences and skills, while also supporting one's needs and interests.

Senior citizens in the Smyrna area can participate in a variety of activities weekly at the Senior Activity Center of Smyrna. Visit their website HERE or call 615-459-4839.

In LaVergne, seniors can learn about upcoming senior activities by visiting the LaVergne website HERE.



Broken Down Statistics: The U.S. Census Bureau shows that 11.1% of residents in Rutherford County are aged 65 or older, which equals just over 40,028 people.


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