Rutherford County Mayor Joe Carr

May 31, 2023 at 09:08 am by Producer

Rutherford County Mayor Joe Carr interacts with the public about local issues: 

  • Probably 16% property tax increase ahead (based on 26-cents per $100 of assessed value). This will be dependent on the vote by the County Commission. 
  • Carr says this was brought about by the General Assembly not allowing Rutherford County to have Impact Fees. (Impact fees are a one-time fee on new developments that create a need for more police, fire, ambulance and education expenses--only new developments purchased by individuals creating a need for expanded services would pay. A property tax increase is paid equally by all tax paying residents--even those who are not in the impacted geographic area).
  • Discussed benefits of Rutherford County's tripple-A bond rating. 
  • A text from a listener asked about last week's on-air interview with Middle Point Landfill's General Manager Mike Classen who said the county and Republic Services needs to renegotiate the contract and make it more equitable for the citizens, saying things change with time. The county may laughed and said, "If he's interested in doing that, it looks like he would phone and set-up a meeting".