Want to be Better Prepared for Life's Surprises? Attend the FREE Budgeting Classes Every Thursday!

Oct 10, 2023 at 09:50 pm by WGNS News

Hear our full interview with David Coggin from Barnabas Vision below.


MURFREESBORO, TN - While there's no step-by-step guide on how to live life with an exact plan on how to handle the ups and downs that may be thrown your way, there are things that individuals and families can do to make those ups and downs flow a little smoother. As an example, did you know that those who create a budget and stick with it, are able to save more money and typically experience less stress and anxiety than their non-budgeting counterparts.


In Murfreesboro, residents are invited to participate in a free and ongoing budgeting class that's sponsored by Barnabas Vision, a local non-profit in our community. David Coggin, founder of Barnabas Vision told WGNS... The free classes are taught by professionals who have a background in accounting. 

Classes that teach you how to formulate a budget and then stick with it, will help create financial stability for you or your family. Budgeting will also add a sense of peace to your life, because budgeting helps to prepare families for those unexpected rainy days and unplanned emergencies that pop-up.

The best thing about the budgeting classes in the 'Boro, is that you won't need a budget to attend! That's because the classes are 100% FREE! So, take advantage of the free budgeting classes that are hosted by Barnabas Vision every Thursday at 2 PM. Classes are inside the Barnabas Vision offices at 141 MTCS Road in Murfreesboro, near Just Love Coffee and down the street from Reeves Sain Drugstore.

Additional Classes Hosted by Barnabas Vision:

Parenting Class
(Tuesday's at 10 AM)
in the Barnabas Vision offices

Women's Encouragement Class
(Tuesday's at 1:30 PM)
at the Barnabas Vision Offices

Bible Study
(Wednesday's at 6:30 PM)
at North Boulevard Church of Christ

Biblical Coping Skills Class
(Friday's at 10 AM)
in the Barnabas Vision Offices

BUDGETING: Free Budgeting Classes Every Thursday at 2 PM in the Barnabas Vision Offices.

LEARN MORE - Most of the classes are inside the Barnabas Vision offices at 141 MTCS Road in Murfreesboro (37129). If you have questions about their classes or workshops, call their office at 615-556-5134 for more information. Or, you can email their Program Director Julie Young at Julie@TheBarnabasVision.org. You can also email the organization's founder and Minister David Coggin at David@TheBarnabasVision.org.




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