City Sent DEFAULT Letter To Downtown Developer

Jan 15, 2024 at 02:59 pm by WGNS

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(MURFREESBORO) Mayor Shane McFarland told NewsRadio WGNS that the City has sent a notice to the developers of the downtown property that was once the old Methodist Church...

It all began in the summer, 2019 when One East College, LLC agreed to purchase the City owned square block of downtown real estate for $1.8-million. It was formerly a bank, and originally First United Methodist Church.


Almost 5-Years of Stagnation

That’s where there’s a rub, it’s nearing the 5-year mark when One East College, LLC signed the agreement with the City, and basically only the Sunday School building along with one-story office building on the corner of College and Spring Streets were razed.  

McFarland continued...

History of Development

As you recall, in 2016 the City of Murfreesboro purchased the 1.9-acre plat from Synergy Bank of Franklin for approximately $1.55-million, and One East College, LLC’s total proposed development was estimated to cost $70-million at completion. In addition to the old First United Methodist Church building, the City also owned an adjacent public parking lot. The City included approximately 2.5-acres of land in the deal.

The property fronts Church, Lytle, College and Spring streets.

The developer submitted plans to construct a 110-room hotel, 55 town houses, restaurants, office and retail space in a design that would enhance and blend with the surrounding historic area. In addition, they sought a tax-break to pay for the parking garage. The City required some public parking, since part of the original site included public parking. However, it was not mandated to be free parking.

Community input included preserving the old sanctuary and 1888 bell tower in the design.

As the old sanctuary and bell tower show signs of deterioration, work still has not begun on construction, only demolition.

Mayor McFarland summarized what has happened...

Original City records show that One East College, LLC is headed by Nick Patel of Detroit, Michigan, Suri Ramanna, Nashville chairman and CEO of TRC Construction Services Inc., and Dhvanit Patel, a Tampa real estate developer. 

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