Smyrna BBQ Joint Owner Convicted on Tax Evasion and Theft Charges

May 08, 2024 at 09:21 am by Chandelar Williams

Smyrna, TN - Scharneitha Britton, the owner of Kinfolks BBQ in Smyrna, found herself in hot water after an extensive investigation by the Special Investigations Section of the Tennessee Department of Revenue led to her conviction on charges of tax evasion and theft. Admitting to her wrongdoing beforehand, Britton was sentenced to six years of probation by Judge Barry Tidwell and required to repay $68,205.73 in restitution.
The investigation, conducted with the assistance of a Rutherford County Grand Jury, revealed Britton's deliberate underreporting of taxable sales and her failure to remit the additional sales tax collected from customers. A barrage of indictments was brought against her, including a Class B felony charge for theft exceeding $60,000, as well as 13 counts of money laundering and 36 felony charges of tax evasion.
David Gerregano, the Revenue Commissioner, emphasized the importance of retailers faithfully remitting sales tax, emphasizing that these funds are the rightful property of state and local governments. He highlighted the crucial role such investigations play in protecting public interests and ensuring the integrity of tax collection.
Working closely with the office of District Attorney Jennings Jones, the Department of Revenue led the legal pursuit against Britton. The public was encouraged to report any suspicions of violations of Tennessee's revenue laws to the toll-free tax fraud hotline (800-372-8389).
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