The Cash-Out Caper Makes Off with $9,500+ from Tampered ATM

Jun 05, 2024 at 03:16 pm by WGNS News

Photos released by MPD

MURFREESBORO, TN - Murfreesboro detectives are on the hunt for the Cash-Out Caper! Perhaps you recall the story WGNS first told you about last week that involved an unknown subject who withdrew a large sum of cash from a local ATM machine. The limit for most banks is set at $500, while some gas station ATMs have a limit that only reaches $300 per withdrawal. However, that was not the withdrawal limit in this case. Evidently, the cash-out limit was exceeded by at least 30 times the normal amount.


The crime occurred on May 11, when an unidentified man paid a visit to the ATM at Meadows Corner BP on Manson Pike. Somehow, the suspect electronically finagled the machine to spew out a whopping $9,560. It may have been a lucky day for the ATM user, but not for the bank that was hit by a high-tech hustle.

The sneaky suspect, proving that hacking isn't just for computers anymore, made a quick getaway in a compact SUV, spotted cruising down Brinkley Road in Murfreesboro. Detectives are now asking the public to help them identify the man who was caught on camera using the ATM. For anyone who recognizes this digital trickster, authorities would love to hear from you as soon as possible.

While some might admire the audacity of electronically coaxing an ATM to cough up cash, let’s remember: this is theft, pure and simple. Local law enforcement is keen on closing the case, and they're counting on the community's sharp eyes to nab the man who illegally came into a windfall of money.

So, if you were in the area and noticed a compact SUV making a hasty exit or saw someone fiddling with the ATM a little too enthusiastically, your information could be the key to cracking this case. In the meantime, ATMs across Murfreesboro are breathing a sigh of relief, hoping they won’t be the next target of the Cash-Out Caper. And remember, it’s always good to have a little detective in all of us – especially when it comes to catching the cleverest of crooks.

CAN YOU HELP CLOSE THE CASE? MPD Detective Emily Speed is in charge of the case and can be reached at 629-201-5664. For those who prefer the digital route, drop her a line at

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