Grass Pollen and The AC in Your Car are 2 Leading Causes of Dry Eyes in Summer

Jun 10, 2024 at 11:34 am by WGNS News

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RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - Allergy season is not limited to April and May, as it extends into June as well... Dr. Craig McCabe, a prominent local eye doctor, notes a significant increase in patients suffering from dry and itchy eyes at the start of each summer. While the initial reaction might be to rub irritated eyes, Dr. McCabe cautions against this common impulse...


Currently, tree pollen and ragweed levels are low; however, grass pollen is exceedingly high. Forecasts indicate that grass pollen will reach "Very High" levels on both Tuesday and Wednesday this week, exacerbating symptoms for many individuals prone to allergies and eye discomfort.

In addition to pollen, another contributing factor to dry eyes during the summer is the air conditioner in your car...

For those experiencing symptoms, the eye doctor recommends using Pataday eye drops, which are effective in alleviating dryness and discomfort. These drops can provide much-needed relief and help manage symptoms throughout the heat and high pollen season.

As summer progresses, taking these preventive measures can help ensure that eyes remain healthy and comfortable. Dr. McCabe emphasizes the importance of proper eye care and encourages individuals to seek professional advice if they experience persistent issues.

More Information: Dr. Craig McCabe is with McCabe Vision Center in Murfreesboro ( His office is at 122 Heritage Park Dr # 100. You can call McCabe Vision Center at (615) 904-9024. Hear the full interview above this article by clicking the PLAY button below the article photo. To hear more interviews with Dr. McCabe, CLICK HERE.

Below: Dr. Craig McCabe