Rutherford Co. Seniors and the Disabled Can Benefit from Property Tax Freeze and Tax Relief Programs

Jun 17, 2024 at 10:05 am by WGNS News

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - An increased number of residents throughout Rutherford County will qualify to freeze their property taxes... That was Rutherford County Trustee Teb Batey, highlighting the tax freeze that's available retired residents throughout Rutherford County.


In November of 2006, Tennessee voters approved an amendment to allow a property tax freeze for residents aged 65 or older. The General Assembly enacted the Property Tax Freeze Act in 2007, allowing for counties and municipalities to freeze property taxes for eligible senior homeowners at the amount owed when they first qualify. Applications are being accepted now for those who believe they meet the qualification guidelines... To set an appointment at the Trustees office to learn if you qualify, call 615-898-7705.

Separate from the Tax Freeze is the Property Tax Relief program, which is intended to help disabled homeowners in Rutherford County... Batey confirmed that through the county, the program pays a portion of the applicants property taxes.

A third program focuses on property tax relief for disabled Veterans...

Applications for the Senior Tax Freeze are being accepted now, while Tax Relief applications will be accepted in October. For those who receive approval on tax relief, tax amounts are not permanent and can change if a homeowner makes improvements to their home that increase the property value. To learn more, call the Trustees office at Phone: (615) 898-7705.


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