Assessor's Warning: Appraisal Ratio Threatens Financial Stability in Rutherford County, TN

May 14, 2024 at 05:55 pm by WGNS News

  RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - The Rutherford County Assessor's Office has publicly acknowledged the impact of the state-calculated appraisal ratio on the tax base and how th.... Read More

Tennessee Legislation Eases Tax Burden for Small Businesses

Mar 04, 2024 at 02:41 pm by Chandelar Williams

Middle Tennessee - Recent Tennessee legislation has lightened the tax load for over 100,000 small businesses. The Tennessee Works Tax Act exempts businesses with annual gross.... Read More

State Rep. Mike Sparks announces tax relief programs available for Rutherford Co. residents

May 18, 2022 at 04:50 pm by WGNS

State Rep. Mike Sparks, R-Smyrna, wants to raise awareness for two relief programs that allow eligible Rutherford County residents to save on their property taxes. The pr.... Read More