Tornado swept through Middle Tennessee (December 11, 2021)

The Nashville National Cemetery after storms came through the Nashville area early Saturday morning (12/11/2021).
Trees landed on headstones throughout the cemetery for Veterans and their family members.
Some of the graves date back to the mid 1800's.
Madison, TN photo
Madison, TN photo
Madison, TN photo
Madison, TN photo
The cemetery has over 64-acres and at last count, over 34,000 Veterans and their family members are buried on the property.
The cemetery was listed in National Register of Historic Places in 1996.
The cemetery is home to one of five monumental masonry archways that originally served as the formal entrance to national cemeteries found throughout the South.
Hendersonville, TN area
Hendersonville, TN area
Fallen trees were seen throughout Hendersonville in the area of Drakes Creek Marina.
Storage sheds, fence rows and more were knocked over, moved out of place or destroyed on Saturday morning.
Area residents worked together to saw trees in half that had fallen across neighborhood roadways.
In Hendersonville, Tennessee storms damaged multiple homes and cars.
In Madison, Tennessee, contractors had a slew of construction materials sitting next to a high rise on Berkley Drive (Chippington Towers) and the materials were swept away during the storms on Friday night and into Saturday morning.
The NAPA Auto Store in Madison reported that their AC unit on the top of their building was blown to the side, only 2-feet from the edge of the roof.
The long standing McGaugh's Donuts sign was blown down and desgtroyed. The Madison store has a 30-year history on Gallatin Pike.
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