The brand new SRM Concrete Building in Rutherford County off of I-840 is now OPEN! - Click for next photo.
SRM excited about their brand-new headquarters in Rutherford County - Click for Next Photo
Location of the NEW SRM Headquarters - Click for next photo.
Photo by Joslin & Son Signs - Click for Next Photo
SRM Moves into their new office - Click for Next Photo
SRM Moves into their new office - Click for Next Photo
SRM Moves into their new office - Click for Next Photo
From Plant 1 in Smyrna, meet Reid "Smiley" Harding! Reid knew almost nothing about concrete when he decided to become a Mixer Operator after finishing CDL school. He had heard about SRM Concrete through some mutual friends, so he decided to take a chance and join the team. 3 years later, Reid still gets excited every time he jumps in the driver's seat. He specializes in keeping his truck clean and running properly. Reid loves getting to meet new people and build lasting relationships with customers. SRM Concrete is hiring, so make sure you visit their website. - Click for Next Photo
It's a beautiful wintery scene in Northern Michigan this morning as our crew knocks out the floor for a new Dollar General. - Click for Next Photo
Loader Operator Appreciation: These hard working men and women are often the first to arrive and the last to leave. They typically wear many different hats throughout the day, and SRM says their plants couldn't run without them. - Click for Next Photo
SRM Concrete working early in the morning - roof decking in Houston, Texas. - Click for Next Photo
(L to R): Ryan Hollingshead, President of SRM Materials; Mike Hollingshead, President/Owner of SRM Concrete; Jeff Hollingshead, CEO of SRM Concrete. - Click for Next Photo
YES, that is a ship in the background. SRM team in Panama City, knocking out a pour for a new ship launch at Eastern Shipbuilding. - Click for Next Photo
Photo from January - pouring the concrete after the building was built. CLICK PHOTO TO RETURN TO THIS NEWS STORY.