Governor Bill Lee's School Choice Initiative: Understanding the Proposed Program

Jan 29, 2024 at 02:37 pm by Chandelar Williams

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee's proposed statewide school choice program is set to offer taxpayer-funded grants to 20,000 students for attending private schools, with eligibility ex.... Read More

If signed into law, new bill to increase liability protections for police departments and officers during pursuits in Tennessee

Feb 09, 2022 at 01:00 pm by WGNS

Tennessee Republican lawmakers filed legislation last week to increase liability protections for officers in pursuit of a fleeing suspect.According to House Bill 2605, la.... Read More

New Bill in Tennessee focuses on cannabinoid products such as Delta 8

Jan 25, 2022 at 10:49 am by WGNS

A bill was introduced in the Tennessee General Assembly last week that would regulate federally legal hemp-derived THC products such as Delta 8 in TennesseeHouse Bill 1690&nbs.... Read More