'The Middle Half' will come to a close this October (2022)

Aug 25, 2022 at 10:57 am by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO, TENN.) Over 15 years ago, Miles and Melinda Tate felt that Murfreesboro needed a half marathon to springboard the running community.  Since that time, the Murfreesboro Half Marathon (“The Middle Half”) has been a fixture in our community with the focus on the health and well-being of runners from all over Tennessee and beyond.  Many of you have your own inspirational stories and can attest that this race has been an amazing event with lots of memories for everyone. 

But all good things do have a season, and with the passing of Miles Tate, race organizers believe it’s time for this race’s season to come to an end. Miles’ legacy will continue, and his mark on our community will be forever remembered and cherished as the race was truly a community event that the entire city embraced and made great.


Thousands of people have been a part of the ‘The Middle Half.’ All of the runners over the years, not to mention all the volunteers, who brought the race to fruition year-after-year. Plus, the non-profit’s that benefited from funding generated by the race, some of which have grown exponentially to help a countless number of residents and friends who live in Rutherford County.

In closing, the board has moved forward with the tough decision to end The Middle Half after this year’s race on October 8, 2022. Race organizers said in a release, “We encourage runners to come run with us one last time. You’ll be glad you did.”  

You can register to run online: www.themiddlehalf.com 



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