New Missing / Lost Cellphone "Pinging" Scam Hitting Our Area

Dec 19, 2022 at 11:07 am by WGNS News

(Nolensville, TN) In nearby Nolensville, Tennessee, just outside of Rutherford County, police have been warning residents about a person going door-to-door in an attempt to involve residents in a phone scam.  The trickery involves a lost or stolen cellphone.

Most recently on Sunday, an individual holding an iPad knocked on the door of a Nolensville resident. The subject then said his cellphone was missing and pinging to their home. The man was bold enough to ask for the potential victims wi-fi password and to come into their home. That potential victim, armed with a baseball bat, did not follow along with the suspect’s request.


If anyone comes to your home and asks for your wi-fi password or asks to enter your home, say no. Better yet, don’t answer the door if you’re not expecting guests. Afterall, it’s your home and your property – you get to decide who comes into your space. If you get such a visitor, call the police or your local sheriff’s office ASAP.

As always, for emergency assistance dial 9-1-1. Additional phone numbers below. 

In Nolensville Area (Outside of Rutherford County, TN): 

  • Nolensville Police Department: 615-776-3640
  • Williamson County Sheriff’s Office: 615-790-5560

In Rutherford County, TN – Non Emergency Numbers: 

  • Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office: 615-898-7777
  • Eagleville Police Department: 615-898-7777 (Contact RCSO)
  • Murfreesboro Police Department: 615-893-1311
  • Smyrna Police Department: (615) 459-6644
  • LaVergne Police Department: (615)793-7744

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