Murfreesboro Police Investigating $3,000 Theft from Local Clothing / Shoe Store

Mar 09, 2023 at 04:42 pm by WGNS News

Photos released by the MPD

Murfreesboro, TN - Murfreesboro Police have another shoplifting case in their files that requires assistance from the community… In this report, an unidentified individual entered the Stones River Town Centre, formerly known as the Stones River Mall, and headed to the Finish Line shoe and clothing store. Once inside the athletic apparel store, police report the culprit grabbed about $3,000 worth of merchandise and stuffed it into several bags.

Before exiting the store, the subject was caught on video standing in front of a large mirror. It almost appeared as if the subject purposely stopped in front of the mirror to admire themselves, or maybe to ensure all the loot was properly stowed away in the bags.


Pictures released by the MPD clearly show the person of interest wearing some type of head covering.  In an up-close headshot of the subject, it looks as if their face was being scrunched together, maybe even with tape beneath the head covering. That cover also hid the persons neck, but it's not known if it was being worn for religious purposes, or to simply hide the identity of the culprit. It’s also possible that the subject was not wearing the cover for religious purposes and instead, wearing the cover to confuse or mislead others from their true identity. Police further reported the stolen goods were confirmed to mainly consist of men’s Nike clothing.

After grabbing the goods, the alleged thief made their way to the exit, never stopping to pay for the merchandise. At this point, no one has been able to identify the subject who allegedly stole several thousand dollars’ worth of apparel from Old Fort Parkway area store. If you know who this is, please contact MPD Detective Worden at 629-201-5637 or by email at


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