After multiple cases of running away from home, young woman joins U.S. Navy with the Encouragement of Local Law Enforcement

Jun 09, 2022 at 02:55 pm by WGNS


Macy Bowman felt desperate after running away from home multiple times, living with friends and failing to complete high school. Thanks to a team of sheriff’s detectives and Murfreesboro Police, Bowman earned her GED this year and joined the U.S. Navy last month with plans to become a hospital corpsman.


Bowman stated, “This gives me a chance to prove I can and will amount to something.”

Bowman, then 17-years-old, lived in Rutherford County. She told others that she ran away multiple times from her Rutherford County home. Sheriff’s deputies and Murfreesboro Police searched for her each time before she was located and later sent to Juvenile Court.

“There were times where I wanted to give up but I had Detective Stephen Lewis and Detective Andrea Butler constantly pushing for me along with so many deputies and officers from MPD,” Bowman said. “If it wasn’t for y’all, no doubt I would be in jail.”

After running away, she lived with co-workers from a convenience store and her best friend, Hannah, and her mother. Bowman stated, “I can’t thank them enough for giving me a place to stay and helping me out.” She continued by saying, “They are amazing people with huge hearts.”

Butler believes Bowman’s repeat runaway incidents were a “cry for help.” When Bowman ran away, she communicated with Butler on Facebook to let her know she was OK.

Lewis said that Bowman ran away at least seven times between September and November. Bowman contacted Lewis in the middle of the night when she ran away around Christmas, so Detective Sgt. Steve Craig and Detective Joseph Duncan picked her up.

Former Detective Patty Oeser obtained books for Bowman to study for her GED while Lewis signed as her contact for adult education classes and the GED test. Lewis encouraged her to use library resources. Bowman quickly obtained her GED and credited Lewis for his help. Lewis also guided Bowman to get her driver’s license.

Lewis and sheriff’s detectives held her accountable for her actions making Bowman realize they care about her. Lewis said with a smile, “I almost felt like she was my kid trying to get her through.”

Bowman experienced moments when she felt desperate, so she would email detectives and Murfreesboro Police Officer Patrick Nemorin who all encouraged her. She considered joining the military with encouragement from detectives, Murfreesboro Police officers and her sister, Valya, who is now serving. After she talked with recruiters, she chose the U.S. Navy. Both Butler and Lewis attended the brief ceremony where Bowman took her Navy oath and left for basic training.

Bowman thanked the sheriff’s deputies and Murfreesboro Police who spent countless hours searching for her as a runaway and then believing in her. “I can’t thank them enough.” Bowman said, “I love each and every one of them and can’t thank them enough for everything they have done. They have a huge impact on my life.”

Butler explained to Bowman everything she does is for a purpose and preparation for life. “It has touched my heart that we don’t give up,” Butler said of the work with Bowman. Lewis said it was satisfying to watch Bowman take the oath and to help her journey. “I have faith she is going to succeed,” Lewis said.

Video from the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office

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