CONTINUED: Higher Electric Bills This Summer - Increased Fuel Costs

Aug 16, 2022 at 04:28 pm by WGNS

(Rutherford County, TN) WGNS continues to receive phone calls and emails asking our news team to further examine why local residents are receiving higher than usual electric bills. On Monday, Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) confirmed… That was Amy Byers, Public Relations Coordinator for MTE.

Your air conditioner working harder to generate cool air during hot months is not the only reason your electric bill is higher than it once was. A major factor in higher electric bills is tied to the costs to generate electricity.


Middle Tennessee Electric purchases electricity from the TVA and then provides local residents with that power. While the local electric provider has not increased their rates in the past 15-years, the cost to generate the electricity that’s distributed to MTE members comes with an added charge for fuel that is used by the TVA to generate the electricity you use. The fuel costs, which fluctuate as often as the price at the gas pump fluctuates, are passed along from the TVA to Middle Tennessee Electric. Byers further explained the fuel costs are then passed through to MTE members who use the electricity… A variety of fuels are used by the TVA to generate electricity that is sold to local utility providers and in-turn, sold to local residents. The fluctuating fuel charge is called the ‘Fuel Cost Adjustment’ rate... According to the TVA, the fuels used to generate electricity are uranium, coal, oil and natural gas – all of which are purchased by the TVA to run their nuclear, fossil, combined cycle and combustion turbine plants. Those plants work to generate the electricity you use to cool your home in the summer, power your lights at night, run your dishwasher and for some, charge their car.

While MTE lacks control over the TVA’s Fuel Cost Adjustment rate, they do have control on when they shut someone’s power off for not paying their electric bill on time. Byers stated… Again, electricity will not be cut-off for those who can’t afford to pay their bill throughout the month of August. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot pay your bill, you are encouraged to call MTE at 877-777-9020, or visit their website to learn about billing option’s HERE.

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