Murfreesboro in the Top 50 List of Best Cities for Workers to Work from Home

Oct 12, 2022 at 01:20 pm by WGNS Radio News

(MURFREESBORO, TN) A recent survey by the company LawnStarter, ranked the ‘Best Cities for Remote Workers’ and found that Murfreesboro ranked within the top 50-list! The survey was conducted because of the increasing number of people who prefer working from home. In case you’re curious, over 60% of job seekers today would rather work remotely, as opposed to heading into an office day-after-day.

With number 1 being the best, Murfreesboro received an overall ranking of 39 out of 200-cities. The ‘Boro really shined in their ‘Financial Incentive Ranking’ with a score of 2. The city also did well in their overall workspace ranking with a score of 30 out of 200-cities. In the category of affordability, Murfreesboro came in at number 43 out of 200.


To decide what cities received high marks and what cities ranked at the bottom of the list, LawnStarter looked at 20 remote worker-friendliness factors, such as internet quality, cost of living, and access to coworking spaces. They even considered financial bonuses that local and state governments offer prospective telecommuting incomers.

Local companies may have a little work ahead of them when it comes to ‘Earning Potential,’ because Murfreesboro earned a score of 77 in that category. But when it comes to amenities, the ‘Boro did well! Murfreesboro’s amenities ranking was 21 out of 200, with number 1 being the best score and 200 being the least desirable grade. Macon, Georgia took home the gold star in their amenities rank at the number 1 position, while Miramar, Florida ranked at the bottom of the list at number 200.

Nashville came in tops for our state, ranking in the number 13 position overall. Knoxville was ranked at number 31, followed by Murfreesboro at number 39. Clarksville was in the number 45-spot and Chattanooga trailed behind at number 63. Memphis came in at number 96 on the list of 200-cities that are best for remote workers. However, Memphis ranked at the bottom when it came to safety – where they scored 198 out of 200-cities.

Best Cities for Remote Workers

1. Plano, TX

2. Frisco, TX

3. Tampa, FL

4. Atlanta, GA

5. Seattle, WA

6. Durham, NC

7. Austin, TX

8. Kanasa City, MO

9. Jacksonville, FL

10. Charolotte, NC

Strangely enough, all of the worst cities for remote workers were on the West Coast. According to the LawnStarter List, the worst cities for remote workers were as follows…

1. Santa Ana, CA

2. Salinas, CA

3. Glendale, CA

4. Garden Grove, CA

5. Escondido, CA

6. Lancaster, CA

7. Chula Vista, CA

8. Palmdale, CA

9. Oxnard, CA

10. Oceanside, CA

See the complete list of cities and their ranking HERE

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