Engaging Area Youth with The Arts in Rutherford County and the Final TN Philharmonic Orchestra Performance

Apr 14, 2023 at 05:42 pm by WGNS News


Murfreesboro, TN  - The Arts play a big role in the development of a thriving city, as opposed to cities that lack art and culture. When companies expand in the U.S., one of the things that company CEO's and Presidents look for are cities that have a heart for the arts. Of course, art can come in the form of paintings, sculptures, photography, theater or music - - just to name a few. One thing that all artwork has in common... is creativity. Cities that are rich with art typically have a larger variety of creative thinkers who from a more diverse cultural background.


Creative minds mixed with a diverse population often equal a better understanding of others and a more accepting community. In a sense, the arts tend to develop a stronger foundation to cities both large and small. That foundation helps to grow the roots of kindness, acceptance, empathy, understanding and compassion. Most companies and organizations want not only kind customers, but also thoughtful employees.

Members of the Tennessee Philharmonic Orchestra understand the importance of the arts, which is why the orchestra works to share their passion for music with local schools throughout Rutherford County; thus helping the county grow in a positive way. A variety of arts within a city or county, make for a more well-rounded and educated community.

Representatives of the orchestra have worked hard to organize educational programs geared towards area youth. In the past 12-months, different members of the symphony have visited over 40-schools. Orchestra Board Chair Ray Singer said... In the first 4-months of 2023, orchestra members visited or worked with over 20-schools... That was Orchestra CEO Jane McNulty. Last month, over 400-children and parents participated in their annual Richard Siegel Concert...

On Thursday, April 20, 2023, the Tennessee Philharmonic Orchestra  will entertain the audience with their final performance of the season in Murfreesboro... Tennessee Philharmonic Orchestra founder and original conductor Dr. Laurence Harvin will appear on stage with Stefan, the retiring Concertmaster. Harvin hired Stefan over 30-years ago. That final concert of the season will be performed at Bell Aire Baptist Church (1307 N Rutherford Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37130). Tickets can be purchased at the door on the 20th or in advance by visiting the TPO website HERE.

If you would like to hear the full interview with members of the orchestra, please visit the WGNS Podcast page, where you will find The Action Line. Guests from the orchestra were on the air this past Friday morning (April 14, 2023).


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