Real Estate Market in Rutherford County is Changing

Jun 15, 2022 at 08:25 pm by WGNS

The real estate market continues to do well in Rutherford County and throughout Middle Tennessee, but buyers paying $30k, $40k and even $75,000 over an asking price are slowly ending... That was David Estes with Parks Realty in Smyrna. Estes told WGNS NEWS the average price of homes that sold this past May were sold for over $200 per square foot...

A growing concern of homeowners deals with houses in their subdivision being turned into rental properties. The worry is often tied to a fear of tenants not maintaining a rental unit the same way the owner of a house would maintain their own property. Estes confirmed there has been a spike in investment companies buying houses...


WGNS looked at recent real estate transactions and found one Murfreesboro home that sold for $465-thousand in 2017, sold for $1-million on June 15, 2022 (3,196 sq. ft.). A Smyrna house that closed at $600-thousand on Wednesday, previously sold for $347-thousand in 2017 (2,828 sq. ft.). Another single family home that sold for $585-thousand this week, was purchased in 2012 for $250-thousand (2,320 sq. ft.). A 900-square foot home that was listed at $259-thousand sold for $290-thousand on Tuesday. The same home was purchased just 5-months prior for $215-thousand. $390-Thousand was the closing price of a Smyrna home on Tuesday, that was previously purchased for $145-thousand in 2015 (1,736 sq. ft.). $422-Thousand was the closing price of another Murfreesboro home on Monday, that was originally listed at $449-thousand. That same home was previously sold for $272-thousand in 2015 (2,542 sq. ft.).



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