UPDATE: Faith & Blue Night Builds Better Relationships in Rutherford County

Oct 12, 2022 at 01:11 pm by WGNS News


(RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn) Wearing the badge signifies law enforcement officers serve to keep residents safe and secure, said Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Keith Lowery. “We want people to know they can depend on the blue,” Lowery said. He delivered the remarks during the first national Faith & Blue event sponsored by the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office.

National Faith & Blue events build safer and stronger communities by connecting residents with law enforcement officers through faith-based organizations. Lowery said Faith & Blue events are catching momentum in the U.S. The events allow officers to communicate with their communities and build trust.


Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office employs deputies with ethics and morals who have the heart of servants to protect residents’ homes, their children at school and their property, the chief said. Law enforcement officers and other public safety employees in the county are happy to serve their communities.

Sheriff’s Community Services Sgt. Gary Herron said Faith and Blue tries to bridge the gap between law enforcement and their community. “We are here for you,” Herron said. “We need each other.”

Ken Hampton, sending associate minister at LifePoint Church in Smyrna, said the church is happy to co-sponsor the Faith & Blue event. Hampton told officers the church is ready to meet you whenever needed. “We will love on you anyway possible,” Hampton said.

As part of the event, Chad Collins performed faith-based songs, the Prevention Coalition for Success distributed information about opioids, families visited with the Mounted Patrol horses and ate supper from food prepared by the Taste of Cuba, Chick Shack and SOSO Slush.


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