Colored Lights on Vehicles and Window Tint for Christmas - What's Legal and What's Not Legal in TN?

Dec 20, 2022 at 01:27 pm by WGNS News

(Murfreesboro, TN) With Christmas nearly here, a lot of young adults and teens will likely be receiving accessories for their car or truck - - but with all the new headlights that are available, what’s legal and illegal? Murfreesboro Police Lieutenant Clayton Williams said… Again, multi-colored headlights or white lights with an illuminated colored ring around them is illegal to drive with, but legal to turn ON when sitting in parking lots or at car shows. As for other lighting on or under a vehicle… Now you know, any lighting other than your basic, lawfully colored headlights, taillights or side marking lights is illegal when driving on the roadway. But additional lighting is overlooked when offroad, parked in parking lots or at car shows.

Window Tinting - When it comes to window tint, state law prohibits any tint that is darker than 35% on the side or rear windows of a vehicle... Laws for window tinting on vehicles has not changed and motorist are only allowed to have their side and rear windows tinted at 35% (light visibility). Front windows have to allow even more light in and cannot be darker than 70%.


As for the window tint sticker that is required, it should be in the lower right corner of the driver's side window. The tint installer should place the sticker in between the tinting film and glass on the driver’s window. Read more about the window tinting laws under T.C.A. 55-9-107.

Lighted Uber or Lyft Logos - Some WGNS listeners have asked about the blue or purple lighted sign or logo used by Uber and Lyft driver’s... Again, Lt. Williams noted the lighted logos in question are on the interior of the vehicle and not the exterior, although they can be seen from the exterior.

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