Murfreesboro is not THAT Geeky, but nearby Nashville and Atlanta apparently are - But, Where does the 'Boro Stand on Geekiness?

Jul 12, 2022 at 10:30 am by WGNS

Most Geeky and Least Geeky cities in the US

Apparently, Murfreesboro is not that “Geeky,” according to the 2022 list of the Geekiest Cities in America. In the lists, 1 equaled the ranking of “The Geekiest City for 2022,” which Murfreesboro was not, and 196 equaled the least geeky city. Evidently, the ‘Boro is ranked at number 144 on the list and received an overall Geek Score of 2.5 (the lower the overall score, the least geeky that city is).

There was a lot that went into the list, such as the ranking of where local residents stand on their possessions of collectibles and costumes. In both categories, local residents didn’t stand a chance against some of the other competing cities. Murfreesboro scored a 131 on their collectibles ranking. For costumes and the number of costumes that Murfreesboro residents own, the ‘Boro scored a 97. In the Geeky Events category, Murfreesboro got a mark of 131. Again, 1 would have meant that Murfreesboro had the highest number of Geeky Events in the nation, which apparently – we don’t.


As for the prized award of being named the Geekiest City in America… New York, New York took home the gold, ranking in the number one spot for residents having THE MOST collectibles and THE MOST costumes. New York’s overall score was 81.64. However, New York didn’t have the geekiest events because they ranked at number 3 in that category. Atlanta, Georgia came in at number 1 for having THE Geekiest events in America, followed by Orlando, Florida at number 2. By the way, Atlanta had an overall Geek Score of 38.9.

While New York, New York won overall, Los Angeles, California fell closely behind at number 2 on the list of Geekiest Cities in the United States. LA had an overall score of 56.39. In Geeky Community Events, Los Angels came in at number 4 on the list.  

The third overall Geekiest City in America was Las Vegas, Nevada. Vegas had an overall score of 43.7.

In nearby Music City, an overall GEEK score of 17.2 was achieved with a ranking of number 30 on the list. Nashville residents ranked at 47 for having the most collectibles. In the category of costumes, Nashville ranked at number 121. In geeky events, Nashville received a ranking of 23 – in other words, Nashville has the 23rd most geeky events in the U.S.

In other Geek worthy categories, New Yorkers had THE MOST Comic Book Stores, Video Game Stores and Meet-Up Groups. Atlanta, Georgia had THE MOST Comic-Con events!

Here are the Geekiest (Large) Cities in Tennessee:
1. Nashville, TN at number 30 on the list, with an overall score of 17.2.
2. Chattanooga, TN at number 38 on the list, with an overall score of 14.9.
3. Memphis, TN at number 54 on the list, with an overall score of 10.9.
4. Knoxville, TN at number 63 on the list, with an overall score of 9.1.
5. Clarksville, TN at number 103 on the list, with an overall score of 5.2.
6. Murfreesboro, TN at number 144 on the list, with an overall score of 2.5.

The least Geeky City in the USA was Miramar, Florida, ranking at the bottom of all cities with an overall number of 196 – out of the list of 196 cities. Their overall score… 0 (zero).

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