State Farm and the BEP Foundation Donate to Enhance Teen Driving in Rutherford County

Sep 13, 2022 at 11:56 am by WGNS News

Rutherford County teens will have enhanced driver’s training by school resource officers after a donation by the Business Education Partnership Foundation and State Farm Insurance.

The foundation and State Farm contributed $1,190.65 to the SROs free Defense Response Improving Vehicle Education course to purchase DVDs, drowsy and distracted goggles, “Drunk Busters Impaired Goggles,” a steering wheel to use when wearing the goggles and signage.


BEPF Board Chair Julie Corcoran said the foundation and State Farm wanted to fund programs “to enhance teenage driver education, specifically focusing on distracted driving, a leading cause of accidents and fatalities in this age group.”

DRIVE, the comprehensive two-day defensive driving program conducted by the Rutherford County Sheriff Office SROs is the training that BEPF/State Farm would like to support through a financial donation and also with local State Farm agents as volunteers, Corcoran said.

Dodson said the drowsy and distracted goggles would give students an idea of how their driving is affected while being distracted or drowsy.

Students would carry a steering wheel and walk through a course wearing the goggles.

"When wearing the goggles, they will feel what it’s like to be driving impaired and distracted to give them more of a real-life situation,” Dodson said.

The new equipment will be incorporated into classes this academic year. All the classes are full.

“Since DRIVE began in August of 2014, we have seen young drivers benefit from the program as well as crediting the program for saving their life,” Dodson said. “Parents are very appreciative that we offer the program.”

The Business Education Partnership Foundation (BEPF) was founded over 30 years ago with a mission to support and to promote the programs in the public schools in Murfreesboro City and in Rutherford County that will prepare students for the business world.

PHOTO ABOVE THIS STORY: SRO Chad Dodson, center, receives a check to obtain equipment for the DRIVE class SRO teach to Rutherford County students to help avoid distracted driving. At left are donors Board Chair Julie Corcoran of the Business Education Partnership Foundation and State Farm Claim Manager Barry Huber. At right are Owner/Agent Dana Womack of Dana Womack State Farm and State Farm Claim Team Manager Scott Slavens.

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