Murfreesboro Police Report that Residents Continues to Leave their Vehicles Unlocked - Vehicle Break-ins Continue

Aug 03, 2022 at 06:54 pm by WGNS

Over the past 3-weeks, 22-vehicles have been reported as stolen in Murfreesboro. Making it easier on thieves, many people are leaving the keys to their car inside their rides, while others are leaving their cars unattended and running.

Another concern is the number of vehicle break-ins. Public Information Officer Larry Flowers told WGNS that the majority of cars or trucks that were broken into, were left unlocked… Police further confirmed that many people are leaving their firearms in their car, while also leaving their doors unlocked. Flowers stated… The good news in all of this…


Nearby Nashville is reporting a lot of the same issues we are seeing in Rutherford County. There, over 70% of all guns stolen this year, have been stolen out of vehicles. In most cases, the vehicles were left unlocked with the victims’ firearm unsecured. 

The same is true with cars being stolen in Nashville. In one week alone, 53-vehicles were stolen in Music City. In 29 of the 53-cases, the victims keys were left inside the car or truck that was stolen.

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